Sebestyén Zoltán

1954 geboren in Budapest, Ungarn
1980 - 1987 Studium: Hungaran Academy of Fine Arts
Ausstellungen | Auswahl
2018 „It can be continuous…”, Szolnok Gallery, Szolnok
  "PART AND WHOLE", Szolnok Gallery, Szolnok
  “HUNGARIAN PAINTING DAY, Kepes Institute, Eger
2017 “LOOKS CHEATS / DER SCHEIN TRÜGT”, Budapest Gallery Lajos Street Exhibition   Hall, Budapest
  HOFFMANN COLLECTION Extract from the Hungarian Fine Art of the               Millennium 1985-2015, Kunsthalle, Budapest
2016 "APPERRENT CHEATS / DER SCHEIN TRÜGT", Mamű Gallery, Budapest
  “HEUTE-TODAY-MA”, Kellergalerie, Wien
  “Exhibition of Artists Sponsored by NKA in 2014”, Várkert Bazaar South   Palace, Budapest
2015 “We Need Something…”, PALACE GALLERY, Budapest
  "Exhibition of the Yalova International Colony of Artists", Istanbul Teknik University Bakirköy Belediyesi 
2014 "Time Lonely", Nagy Balogh János Exhibition Hall, Budapest
  "Time Lonely II.", Paks Gallery
2013 “Same Sound”, MAMŰ Gallery, Budapest
2012 „Objects, drawings”, Rákospalota Museum, Budapest
Preise | Stipendien
2003 „Munkácsy Mihály”- Award
2003 Austauschprogramm Budapest - Paris: Cité des Art in Paris
1994 „The Awards of the Association of Hungarian Artists”